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Nawrotzki, K. (2020). Reimagining Teaching in Early 20th-Century Experimental Schools. London: Palgrave Macmillan .

ISBN: ISBN 978-3-030-50963
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-50964-4

Written by co-authors Alessandra Arce Hai, Helen May, Kristen Nawrotzki, Larry Prochner and Yordanka Valkanova, this book considers the diffusion and transfer of educational ideas through local and transcontinental networks within and across five socio-political spaces. The five case studies included are: The Dewey School in Chicago, USA; The Caetano de Campos Kindergarten in Sāo Paulo, Brazil; The Experimental Stations and Psychoanalytic Laboratory in Soviet Russia, The Malting House School in Cambridge, England, and The Hietzing School in Vienna, Austria. The authors examine the social, political, and historical preconditions for the transfer of “new education” theory and practices in each period, place, and school, along with the networks of ideas and experts that supported this. The authors use historical methods to examine the schools and to pursue the story of the circulation of new ideas in education. In particular, chapters investigate how educational ideas develop within contexts, travel across boundaries, and are adapted in new contexts.

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